I’m a digital and ecommerce professional based in London, UK with extensive experience of digital marketing, digital project management and ecommerce.

Equipped with a unique skillset, I am able to approach projects from a technically astute & commercially intelligent position. Whether specifying technical process flow, writing or debugging code, building high-level marketing strategies, or communicating progress to project stakeholders, I am competent and effective in all areas of digital project management.

Analysis : A certified Google Analytics professional (GAIQ), I am an advanced user of analysing customer journeys, building, monitoring and tweaking conversion funnels, running A/B and multi-variate tests, and producing reports on all aspects of website performance.

Marketing : I have planned and executed successful campaigns across the following channels: SEO, PPC, affiliates, display and retargeting. Consistently tweaking campaigns to optimise performance.

Project Management : With experience that spans analysis, marketing and development, I am adept at turning business requirements into technical specifications, prioritising developments, and managing the full product lifecycle from concept, testing through to deployment and reporting.

Development : I am well versed with deploying and managing the following platforms: Magento (EE & CE), WordPress and Drupal; in addition to creating custom applications in (X)HTML, CSS, XML, PHP, ColdFusion and SQL.

Google Analytics

Conversion Funnels

Web Performance Reporting

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Affiliate Marketing

SEO Strategy


Producing Technical Specifications

Product Lifecycle Management

Stakeholder Management

Handpicked Companies

Chief Technology Officer

Managing all aspects of the Handpicked systems & technical projects; includes multiple Magento sites, the integration of an ERP, a web re-platform, and the development of all marketing-driven functionality.

Handpicked Companies

Ecommerce Manager

Planning and executing the digital marketing strategy across SEO, PPC, affiliates, email marketing, and conversion rate optimisation.


Content Manager

Responsible for optimising and managing all content across the PriceRunner UK site; managing a content project that spanned 6 multilingual territories.


Web Developer

Building websites and applications for various clients; predominantly ecommerce but also the development of a custom stock management system. Technologies used: ColdFusion, HTML, XML, PHP, SQL, Codeigniter, CFWheels, and WordPress.

Leeds University

New Media & Communications

Oxford College

Media Production

Oct 18th, 2014

Selecting an Ecommerce Platform

Selecting an Ecommerce Platform I am going to become yet another of the great many thousands of self-important people with a swollen ego who publish their own highly thought of opinions on ecommerce platforms; treating them as fact, validating their alliances, and leveraging the comments section to shout down any who dare disagree. Perhaps not…. read more

Oct 18th, 2014

Choosing Magento as An Ecommerce Platform

Choosing Magento as your Ecommerce Platform I will prefix this with a little insight, whilst I may have said in the introduction to ecommerce platforms – that I have no emotional commitments to any one platform, that is not strictly true. I do have a love / hate relationship with Magento. I love it, it… read more

Apr 4th, 2013

Google is God

It’s official, there can be no doubt about it – Google is God. For all those who doubt the existence of an omnipresent, all knowing, all-seeing power; take a look at the mighty G and what it does on a day to day basis. I hereby present my evidence to you. Google is Everywhere Calling… read more