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Hello, I’m a Web & Ecommerce Analyst

I’m Matt Rhys-Davies – a Web & Ecommerce Analyst with extensive experience across most areas of digital. Having worked in development, marketing, project management, back to development, and now on to analysis, I’m an all round digital geek, with a disturbing soft spot for Magento, Drupal & WordPress, and what could be described as teetering towards a passion for Google Analytics & general ecommerce analysis.

Rather than burdening this page with my (professional) life story, you are welcome to find out more about what I’ve done, and what I do now on the worryingly narcissistic about me page. Or you can go the traditional route of professional stalking by viewing my Linkedin Profile.

As a quick run-down, I spend each and every day involved in ecommerce of some description. In my current role I use numerous analysis techniques and applications to assess & improve various channels of traffic acquisition, mainly focussed on SEO, PPC & affiliates. I also tend to dabble in development as well as perpetually tweaking funnels to drive increased conversion.

Outside of the regular 9-5, I find myself frequently tinkering with code & web analysis of some description, nearly always PHP, although sometimes I dive into the front end world of (X)HTML, CSS and the occasional bit of JavaScript; nearly always focussed on or around Magento, Drupal & WordPress.

If you’re interested further in what I do, I’ve put together a page on what I do as an ecommerce analyst.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy some (or ideally, all) of the ecommerce & web articles that I’ve penned here. Drop me a line if you’d like to get in touch; there’s a number of options to your left.